CoreLife Challenge: Kara Shanks’ Results

My plan was to weigh myself after 21 days. After 20, I just couldn’t wait anymore. Since beginning the CoreLife Challenge, I am down 6.1 pounds! What a relief!!

All these results just make me want to keep going! I had initially planned on allowing myself a “free” meal or drink for a recent special occasion, but I feel so good that I don’t want anything. I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

I saw family recently. They asked what the heck I’m doing because there is a substantial difference. I honestly think most of the difference is the belly bloat that’s gone, but that’s okay by me!

This time of year was a little difficult to get through. I did allow myself to have a couple drinks and a cookie. I debated allowing myself those things but ultimately decided since this is a lifestyle, there are going to be times where I can loosen up a bit, only if I can generally maintain control. It’s important to me to keep up with the changes I’ve made and I’m constantly creating new goals and finding new sources of motivation.

I had a conversation today that really made me self-reflect. This person asked how I’m feeling and how things are going, and I responded with the usual, “I feel great.” Then, I mentioned how good it feels to FINALLY have this part of my life in control. He then asked, “Well, what’s different now?” So I’ve been thinking a lot about that conversation. It’s sad but I cannot remember a time in my life where I was comfortable in my own skin. In the past, I was OBSESSED with my weight and counting calories. I tried over and over again to lose weight and get skinny.

This time, I’ve taken a different approach. I’m more focused on how I feel. I feel GOOD when I eat healthy food. I feel even BETTER after a good workout. And I feel PROUD at the end of each day that I’ve had success. I’ve been using social media a lot to follow other people who have gone on similar journeys, and I use Twinbody for additional motivation and support. And lately, I’ve looked at these amazing people and thought, “What makes them different than me?”

The answer is really simple: they didn’t give up. I know I’m strong enough, and I know I want this bad enough to see my own success. And now, with my improved mindset and some help with the food from CoreLife Eatery, I’m getting there. One pair of looser jeans at a time 🙂