Franchising Criteria

We are currently seeking experienced multi-unit partners to build out the United States.

CoreLife Eatery is seeking multi-unit development partners. To be considered, our franchise candidates will preferably meet the following criteria:

You must commit to spending 100% of your time in the day to day operation of your restaurant(s). Alternatively, you may designate an Operating Principal to fill this role. (This person should have at least 10% equity in the franchise).

You or your Operating Principal should have a proven track record as a multi-unit owner or operator in QSR, fast casual or restaurant dining.

You or your Operating Principal should have familiarity with the trade area that you plan to develop.

You, your Operating Principal and all of your partners must demonstrate the enthusiasm, drive, and passion required to operate a CoreLife Eatery to our high standards.

Including all your partners, you should have a minimum liquidity of $300k (i.e. cash reserves) per restaurant to be developed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support do I get with a CoreLife Eatery franchise?
You get access to our brand, recipes & procedures, vendors, training, store build-out & trade dress, website, social media, online ordering, gift card program, etc.

What are the CoreLife Eatery franchise fees?
The initial franchise fee is $35,000.  Franchisees also pay $28,000 for our Pre-Opening Advertising  Campaign.  In addition, franchisees may be required to pay Architectural Design Fees and Development Fees.  This only includes fees that are paid by franchisees prior to opening their business and that are typical of franchise systems including royalties and advertising fees.  Additional fees that franchisees are required to pay us are disclosed in Items 5 and 6 of our FDD.

Can I secure a territory to develop multiple CoreLife eateries?
Depending on your qualifications, we will award franchises for multiple restaurants (under an area development agreement).

What is the typical size of a CoreLife Eatery?
The ideal size is 2,700 – 3,200 square feet, plus an outdoor patio.

Do I need to have a location in mind?
You should be familiar with the trade area that you want to develop. We will discuss the options for securing a restaurant location during the franchise evaluation process.

What is the typical cost of a CoreLife Eatery?
Our FDD lists a range of $760,500 to $1,024,300 for a single unit.

Do I need to be involved in the operations of my CoreLife Eatery?
Either you or a designated Operating Principal (that owns at least 10% equity) must be involved in the day to day operations of your CoreLife Eatery Franchise.

What are the financial requirements to open a CoreLife Eatery franchise?
You and your partners must have a minimum liquidity of about $300k (i.e. cash reserves) per restaurant to be developed.

What are the typical store hours of operation?
At a minimum, 11 am – 8 pm/ 7 days a week.

What type of training is provided by CoreLife Eatery?
You will attend initial training of 3 weeks (approx.150 Hours) of training at our facility in Vestal NY followed by 2 Weeks of training prior to, and during the opening of your CoreLife Eatery.

Approximately how long will it take to open my CoreLife Eatery?
It will take about 8 weeks to build your store after you have taken possession of your location. Generally, it takes about 12 weeks to create architectural plans, get permits and select a contractor prior to starting the 8-week construction process.

What is the next step?
Fill out the online franchise inquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Fill out the franchising inquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss next steps.

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