CoreLife Challenge: What is the CoreLife Challenge?

Hey friends, tired of being off your game?

It’s time to return to old school concepts!  Join those who are willing to pay the price of temporary pain and annoyance for long-term gain. It’s time to wake up refreshed, be excited to put your clothes on and look in the mirror, run up the stairs and get your life back. It’s no longer the time to fear the scale.

Follow the guidelines below for the next 21 days to take part in the CoreLife Challenge!

Below are recommendations on how to detox your system, along with refueling you with food that your body is meant to eat. This journey of life is hard – there’s no doubt about it. However, we think with more energy and a clearer mind, it makes life that much more enjoyable!

Let’s start with your “Why” on considering participating in the challenge.  If your “Why” or desire is large enough, the potential for success is much greater! How badly do you want to change your life? The key to success in this program is your “Why.”

Okay, here we go!

Let’s get the hard discussion over with first. You cannot get healthy without eliminating certain foods and drinks from your diet. The more you eliminate, the better you will feel.  

  • Sugars such as cereals, sweets pastas, breads, candies, cakes, crackers
  • All fast food
  • Soda – all forms (this includes diet soda)
  • Sports drinks (all forms)
  • High caffeine drinks (coffee is okay, but no sugar and limit the amount of cream)
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten/wheat
  • Reduce dairy and soy (this includes cheese and milk)
  • Avoid trans fats, hydrogenated oil (fried foods)

Now, for the easier part. Add these foods to your diet:

  • Whole foods – colorful, raw foods 
  • Three vegetable servings for every one fruit serving
  • Fruit – Remember, fruit is high in natural sugar, try to limit fruit to one serving per day
  • Increase healthy fat intake (tree nuts, avocado, fish)
  • Drink green tea and water
  • Fiber is key to good health  – lettuce, quinoa, beans, rice bran

CoreLife should be your choice for healthy eating over the next 21 days as it will provide you with great tasting, quality meals that are designed to feed your body and mind. After 21 days of elimination, you are welcome to slowly reintroduce small amounts of these foods and see how your body responds.

Let’s get moving!

Find some type of exercise that you enjoy doing and get moving. Weight lifting and building muscle has been shown to increase metabolism for both men and women. If you are already working out, change up your routine on occasion to avoid plateaus. If you are not working out, be sure to start slow so you avoid injury. Push ups, planks and sit-ups are an easy way to get started at home with limited chance of injury.

Finding a partner to workout with is a very good way to stay focused and committed, especially when it gets cold out and you get tired or bored. Meal supplements, protein shakes, vitamins and more can be very helpful in getting you jump-started on your program.  

Here are some ideas:

  • Protein shakes as a supplement for one meal a day
  • Probiotics – assist in helping you restore a healthy gut
  • Omega 3 helps your body learn to burn healthy fats – 2x more energy released from fat than carbs
  • Vitamins D and B

Final thoughts.

To really see a difference, your body needs proper sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid blue light (television, computer, phone) an hour before bed. Try reading before bed. Also, avoid eating after 7 PM for the next 21 days.We are on this journey together. Taking part in the CoreLife Challenge will not only re-energize you, but could also result in inspiration for those around you!

If you have any questions or comments, please join the discussion below! to As you know: this is not for everyone! If you have any health risks or any medical reasons to avoid this type of program, please do not follow the recommendations above.  

My hope is for everyone to make a 60-day commitment, and turn what you’ve learned into a permanent lifestyle.

It’s go-time. Game on!

Did You Take the CoreLife Challenge? Share Your Story With Us!