CoreLife Challenge: Meggan Camp’s Introduction

My name is Meggan Camp.

I’m a 43-year-old single mom of an amazing kid. I currently live in Syracuse, and though I’ve lived elsewhere, Syracuse will always be my hometown. I am the Community Engagement Director for CoreLife Eatery. Previously, I spent 16 years working at Syracuse Stage/Syracuse University in the costume shop and teaching in the drama department.  

I came on board when we first opened. I started part time and soon became fully involved. I believe in the CoreLife mission: to bring clean, healthy food to as many communities as we can. I’ve had everything on the menu! My top three meals?

  • Tuna Poke
  • Sriracha Roasted Tofu & Ancient Grains
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Since starting the CoreLife Challenge, I’ve had to replace my cranberry cayenne lemonade with the tropical green tea.  

I love activity – running, swimming, yoga. I’ve finished a half marathon, two sprint triathlons, relayed two sprint triathlons, several 5K races, and the challenging Mountain Goat Run. I like goals and the medals that come with crossing finish lines. Injured after the Mountain Goat, my primary workout was swimming, yoga, and interval training. I’ve always maintained a decent level of physical activity, from childhood dancing and softball, to rollerblading in the 90s, to triathlons in the 21st century. An active lifestyle keeps me sane!

My motivation comes from the results I feel. When I wake up and feel good, I’m upbeat and positive. If I’ve made poor eating choices or have been inactive, I’m sluggish, stiff, and feel defeated. Mentally, I can’t afford to live in a defeated space.

This challenge was a chance to hit the reset button.

I needed an avenue that would help me stay on point, physically and mentally. I believe that structure and routine assist in keeping stress levels from getting out of control. Planning can allow for spontaneity and the unexpected, but not cause chaos. I’m always working on the planning part.

My “Why?” in the beginning was simple. I was going to participate in the CoreLife Challenge to support my friend. She was doing it for her own reasons and I wanted to show support. I also wanted to add an accountability factor in it – for her and myself.

That was the reason on the surface. What was beneath was totally different. I was stressed out. I felt unhinged. I felt untethered. All of those feelings were wreaking havoc on my peace of mind and my ability to function at my highest level. I was fatigued, foggy, and had feelings of insecurity. By doing the CoreLife Challenge, I was hoping to bring structure, routine, and find my mojo again!

I had completed some personal and athletic goals over the summer but now, I had nothing to train for – no motivation to get out and get in the game. The CoreLife Challenge provoked me to get back at it – get the running sneakers out, the yoga mat and just get moving! I promise, there is no better way to change what ails you than to shock your nervous system with some intense movement. Now that’s a reset button! The thing about exercise is that once you start doing it, you are so glad you did. It’s getting out the door that takes the most courage. Along with working my physical muscles, my courage muscle needs a workout too!