CoreLife Eatery Helps Sara Maintain New Healthy Lifestyle



Sara Sherlock was stuck in a repetitive cycle, repeatedly slipping back into old habits. Positive change did not take place until she realized that weight training could change her body and mind.

I began my fitness journey five years ago. I was fresh out of college, where I had gained upwards of 25 lbs and was at my heaviest weight of 155 lbs. I’ve since learned that the scale is not always the most accurate tool in measuring progress, but that was not the case when I began my journey. A combination of unhappiness and lack of knowledge led me to losing almost 40 lbs, putting me at 118 lbs in 2013.

I took extreme measures because they would lead to fast “results” and when I was unable to maintain these drastic changes, I would gain weight back, only to slide back into old habits of being restrictive and over-structured. I soon realized that I had landed myself on the other end of the unhealthy spectrum and it was time to make a change. But how? My brother intervened and was able to show me how weight training could change my body and my mind.

I started by mending the relationship I had with food and myself. Over time, my body, mind, and outlook on what health and fitness should be was on the right track.

Fast forward to my OCB first bikini competition in 2015 where I coached myself to the stage with the help of my brother and the friends I had made at my gym. I entered Novice, Debut and Open classes and took first place in Novice and Debut. I also placed 6th in the open. I took the year off of competing t0 continue training, educate myself more, and building muscle in the right areas.


In January of 2016, I made the decision to hire a coach and prepare for another bikini competition in April of 2016. Prepping for a show really forces you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. I started dieting using If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) and it totally changed my world. I was able to nourish my body without restrictions or guilt. There is nothing easy about competing, but with the help from my coach Kara Corey and natural supports in my life, I stepped on stage last weekend without a doubt or fear in sight and even took first place in my Bikini Open E class!

My relationship with myself and food has been a journey over the years but like anything else, where you focus positive energy, you will receive positive outcome and I wouldn’t change a thing!

CoreLife Eatery, I love that I am able to enjoy your meals whether or not I am prepping for a show! I am a frequent visitor of yours, and love that the quality of your food and service allow me to maintain my healthy lifestyle.