CoreLife Challenge: Gae Hill’s Introduction

I’ll have to put you on blood pressure medication.

That’s what my doctor told me on November 4, 2016. My pressure was 150/100, I weighed 186 pounds, and my BMI was 31%. We compared the numbers to my last checkup the previous year where my pressure was 120/80 and I weighed 152 pounds.  

I was determined not to live by that prescription pill. I got scared. I got angry. I asked to set another appointment six weeks from now. The doctor was concerned about my heart. Thankfully, an EKG said it was functioning great. I started walking at least 5 to 6 miles daily. I had beat my physician’s predictions in the past, however, the reasons for my success then were different from my need to succeed now. Before, I was working out as an antidote for emotional pain and grief. I was only interested in the results and nothing else. When I reached my goal within a few short months, I lost all the gains I made very quickly. Within a year, I was worse than I was before.  

Now at age 57, I needed to slow down the process in order to maintain my fitness. I needed to learn more about myself and how to celebrate every step of the process. That way, my results would stand the test of time.

My daily mantra? Trust the process!

Celebrate every incremental step, every mouthful, every meal, every workout, every inch, and even every outfit. I learned to capture the moment and stop self-criticism. Some days, the only thing that changes is your mind. I realized I’m happy. When I am happy, I eat. My big worry was what am I going to do when my friends invite me out to eat, or when I don’t feel like cooking. Fast food is always there. 

CoreLife Eatery opened in my area on November 21. I walked in and thought, “Who read my mind?” I met one of the owners, Todd Mansfield. He gave me his card and I promised to keep in touch.  

17 days into my “get fit” plan and the weather was getting colder. Walking in the mornings was getting more difficult. What was I going to do?

CoreLife became my answer.

I “toughed it out” and contacted Todd about my progress. Right away, he entered me into the 21-day CoreLife Challenge. The chance to have what felt like a “buddy” helping me through this process. This was a practical application of everyday accountability, count me in! I just had to make sure to trust the process!