Real Food for Active People in CNY

Greens bowl

When the new Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth active lifestyle eatery opens next month, customers can expect to enjoy delicious, healthy food when and how they want it. A brand new concept in fast casual eating will debut April 23 when the North Syracuse Jō∙lĭ∙mé Fresh Garden Café completely transforms into the first Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth location and opens its doors.

The Caveny family, successful entrepreneur and restaurateur Larry Wilson, and medical industry veteran Todd Mansfield announced late last year that they would create a unique active lifestyle restaurant with plans to grow additional locations. Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth was created to offer quick meals for lunch and dinner featuring unprocessed ingredients that enable peak performance.

“We’ve found that clean, nutrient dense foods that taste great and are served quickly are difficult to find. Most of the offerings in today’s quick service world are overly processed and filled with hidden sugars and additives,” said Mansfield, the restaurant’s wellness expert. “Our passion is to unlock for everyone the ability to feel great every day.”

The Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth menu features healthy, hearty simple meals based on dark leafy greens, whole grains and slow-simmered bone broths. The customer can choose from a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, crunchy toppings and sustainably raised meats in the creation of each custom entrée.

Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth’s fresh ingredients are natural, contain no preservatives or artificial sweeteners and are locally sourced when possible. All of its sauces and dressings are made from scratch in-house. Their bone broths are slow simmered all day to unlock the minerals, nutrients and deep flavors that create a powerful base for a hearty meal. Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth also offers a vegetarian broth that is slow simmered all day.

“We are excited for North Syracuse to be able to experience all that Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth will offer,” commented John Caveny, co-owner of Jō∙lĭ∙mé Fresh Garden Café. “For years, we have demonstrated a commitment to preparing our creations with fresh, local ingredients. We look forward to taking that to the next level with Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth.”

Keeping in step with its active customers, Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth features a quick service system that allows customers to move through the custom creation process quickly. Web and mobile order-ahead features are also planned for those on the go.

”Time is a precious commodity for everyone today. We’ve built our operation around the balance of customization and the ability to keep our lines always moving ahead, just like our customers,” said Caveny.

One of the partners with the Caveny family is long time friend Larry Wilson, who owns more than twenty-five Moe’s and Hoopla! restaurants throughout Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania. Wilson was recently named Moe’s Top Franchisee worldwide for his aggressive expansion and successful operation and growth of his stores. His successful business career in and out of Moe’s and Hoopla! has most recently been highlighted in a feature story in the Press & Sun. Moe’s has attracted national attention, with Bloomberg TV focusing on the company’s growth and expansion. More information is available on what makes Moe’s better than the competition, and on the company’s remarkable expansion here:

The Syracuse location for Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth is the first of many that the ownership group has planned. “We are very excited to see how central New York responds to the Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth concept,” said Wilson. “Our goal is to bring great, healthy and clean foods to as many communities that will support our concept.”

The team will be hosting VIP pre-opening events (dates and times to be announced later) at Core Greens, Grains & Bone Broth, including fundraisers for local schools and an invitation-only lunch to give guests a sneak preview of the new restaurant.