Healthy Lifestyle Restaurant Announces New Brand Name


After nearly a year in Syracuse, a local healthy lifestyle restaurant is announcing a new name and logo that more fully encompasses its mission. The new name of CoreLife
Eatery (formerly Core) conveys the role the restaurant plays in total wellness, beginning with what goes into one’s body, but it doesn’t end there.

“Core was created to help connect busy people with healthy meal choices, but it has become so much more,” said founder/partner Larry Wilson. “We chose the name CoreLife to show our commitment to promoting and enhancing overall health and wellness in our community.”

The CoreLife concept is based on the notion that most people want to eat better but lack the time, knowledge or resources to do it. CoreLife Eatery strives to make it easy by offering a variety of fresh, natural and when possible, local ingredients that can be custom-combined quickly and deliciously for the customer.

The CoreLife Eatery is already making an impact on the Syracuse area. CoreLife Eatery has partnered with local organizations to offer special events, such as a recent yang yoga class that was offered free of charge to the public. CoreLife caters to all age groups, fitness levels and walks of life and invites everyone to experience it first-hand.

“Our goal is to be involved in offering more people access to a healthy meal and a healthy lifestyle,” said Todd Mansfield, wellness expert, and business partner.

CoreLife has seen such success already in Syracuse that the restaurant is opening a second location in Webster, near Rochester, next month.

The executive team of CoreLife Eatery is made up of seasoned wellness and restaurant professionals. Led by founder Larry Wilson, successful entrepreneurs including Todd Mansfield bring individual successes and skill sets to the team to help scale the restaurant to new levels on a nationwide basis. Larry Wilson, successful entrepreneur and restaurateur, has a proven track record of business success and owns a number of businesses, including over twenty eateries throughout the Northeast. Todd Mansfield, partner and a successful entrepreneur in the medical arena, brings valuable knowledge and expertise in health and wellness to the CoreLife Eatery brand. Todd’s focus is purposely bringing healthy food that tastes great as a better alternative to the public. Todd has a thirty-year history of practice in orthopedic and sports physical therapy and more recently has completed a fellowship in metabolic medicine and nutrition.

The company plans to open a number of CoreLife Eatery locations over the next several years.