Forced to Go Vegan


Peter Wong shares his experiences at Core and how a member of our staff helped him choose his first vegan meal.

Lately, you’ve seen me periodically in your establishment and I have had the pleasure of meeting you folks once or twice. I have had the opportunity to share with you my circumstances in regard to an involuntary, required lifestyle change. I would like to take the time to compliment not only your product and your establishment, but also your staff. I have been in the service provider industry for almost 35 years with Delta Airlines and I am very cognizant of the critical role that superior customer service plays in the success of any business!

I visited Core for the first time in a frazzled and panicked state. I had recently suffered four ischemic strokes and, as recently as June 26, I survived a transient ischemic attack (TIA – better known as a mini-stroke). My neurologist found it appropriate to start me on a vegan diet.

You can imagine the fragile state of mind I was in. Until then, I had been a “double quarter pounder with cheese” kinda guy…so this was going to be no fun at all!

Upon entering your restaurant, I came into contact with your employee, Cate. Cate attentively listened as I unloaded my saga and vented some of my frustrations. She immediately guided me through the menu and made many invaluable suggestions! I have since revisited your restaurant multiple times and intend to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.

I came into contact with Cate again while I visited Core for lunch on July 25. She greeted me with a bright smile of recognition (which I found endearing, considering the volume of faces she must encounter each day). And her amazing level of graciousness continued. After getting my food and settling down for a restful meal, Cate politely approached me and invited me to help myself to something from the menu on a complimentary basis.

She stated that she felt a desire to encourage me during my daunting lifestyle change. Cate shared that it was situations like mine which Core is trying to help. Even though I felt it unfair for me to take advantage of her unexpected offer, the graciousness that she continued to show resonated with me. This situation just reinforced my determination to make Core a regular stop for me and all whom I care about!