Wellness Vacations: What They Are and Why You Should Consider Taking One

Aren’t all vacations wellness vacations? Nope! Just ask any parent who has traveled with little kids or anyone who has traveled with a friend or family member who keeps a tight schedule and wants to pack a month’s worth of activities into one trip.

Ever feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Sometimes, the anxiety of even taking a vacation, or returning to work and life after your trip, can cause a lot of stress and even worse, keep you from enjoying the quality time with your family and friends.

Unless a conscious effort is made to relax and unwind, most vacations typically leave you physically and mentally exhausted. But a wellness vacation is different since it forces you to take time for yourself.

What Are Wellness Vacations?

These trips away from reality are designed to focus on restoring the peace of mind, heart, and body of an individual.

The Global Wellness Institute, a leading research and educational resource for the wellness industry, reports that between 2013 to 2015, global wellness tourism revenues grew 14% from $494.4 billion to $542 billion, and that number is expected to rise.  

Why Should You Take a Wellness Vacation?

  • Your Phone is Running Your Life
    Smart technology like phones, tablets, and laptops keep us logged in 24/7 to work, family, and social obligations online so we spend more time in cyberspace than anywhere else. A wellness vacation can provide the digital detox you need to unplug and regroup.  
  • You are Stressed
    If stress from work, family drama, health issues, or personal obligations are becoming burdensome, you may need a break from reality. Retreating for a bit and focusing on yourself could be just what the doctor ordered.
  • You are at a Crossroads
    Maybe you are turning 40, want to learn yoga or are ready to commit to losing weight. Perhaps you are contemplating a major life decision like changing careers and need some distraction-free time to think about it. Whatever the reason, going away to focus on your needs can help.

Budget-Friendly Wellness Vacations

Many resorts worldwide offer wellness vacations but don’t think you need to shell out big bucks to relax. Any vacation that you remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of life, a.k.a unplug from work, social media, etc. and focus on yourself, is a wellness vacation.

How great would it be to sit on a beach, basking in the sun, reading a book? What about staying home and pampering yourself with a DIY spa day? Wellness vacations are all about taking the time to do things for yourself that you usually don’t do.

Relaxing doesn’t mean that you have to be bored! If you are the type of person that can’t sit still, try taking a hike, going horseback riding, camping at a state park, or playing one of your favorite sports, like golf! If you do like to sit still, consider meditation as a great way to relax or recoup. 

Why Wellness is Worth It

Wellness vacations can help you hit a virtual pause button on your life, allowing you the time, and freedom to reconnect with yourself and refocus on your priorities. In a world filled with breaking news stories and constant connectivity, these breaks from reality can help keep you sane, and provide the reboot you need to recommit to healthier living.

What does your ideal wellness vacation look like to you? Comment below!