Weight Loss, Over Time


Just running didn’t cut it. She needed more. Renee Benda of Skaneateles, NY shares her story:

My fitness journey looks more like a bumpy hill climb than a straight line from top to bottom. I’m Renee. I’ve lost 70 pounds over the past few years by completely changing my diet and workouts. I started my journey the way most people do – with running. I lost some initial weight and then nothing! After coasting for a bit, I decided it was time to seriously look at my diet. I went paleo and never looked back. Along the way, I’ve switched up my workouts and how I move too.

I still wish every day that I had realized that most of the “diet” foods I had been fueling my body with were leaving me nutritionally-depleted and sluggish.

The key to a healthy life is what you power with. Fresh, real ingredients are key to making weight loss stick! I can’t wait to visit your restaurant!

See below for a timeline that documents Renee’s fitness over the course of a five-year period. To read more about Renee’s journey, visit bendifulblog.com!