Power Plates








We just introduced all *NEW* Power Plates to our menu. 

More meat, less greens! Power Plates are substantial and healthy meals. They feature large portions of protein, roasted vegetables, and filling sides. Perfect for those who “don’t do salads.”

Choose a high quality protein.

Choose from our antibiotic-free chicken, grass-fed steak, roasted tofu, fresh tuna poke, or crispy falafel! We’ll grill and slice the generous portions right in front of you.

Pick greens or grains as a side.

Whether you’re in the mood for a scoop of grain salad (rice or quinoa) or a side of fresh greens, we’ve got you covered.

Select from one of our two tasty roasted vegetable medleys.

No plate is complete without a vegetable! Choose from our root vegetable medley or roasted brussel sprouts medley. Both are savory, filling, and delicious.

Finish with one of our sauces.

Finally, top off your plate with made from scratch sauces. With options like chimichurri, yogurt cucumber, and miso sesame, you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking for some extra heat, ask for our new Thai chili sauce.

CoreLife Eatery is more than just salad! Stop down and try it today!