Employee Spotlight: Meet Cameron Cox

Meet Cameron Cox of Lewis Center, Ohio, one of the grill workers at CoreLife Eatery in Columbus!

“CoreLife Eatery is willing to put in the work to make sure that customers know exactly what they’re eating.”  

Since the day CoreLife Eatery in Columbus, OH opened its doors, Cameron has been a member of the team! CoreLife Eatery was the perfect fit for him since he wanted to find a job that promoted a healthy, active lifestyle and enabled him to work out and become a better runner!

“Before I started working at CoreLife Eatery, I heard a lot about how the food was all-natural and made fresh from scratch every day, but it surprised me that I got to be the person to actually help prepare it,” Cameron said. “I was trained in doing exactly what they say they do, which is making fresh food daily. I get to see all of the drinks and dressings being made first thing in the morning. They do exactly what they say they do and they don’t cut any corners.”

Cameron is a great multi-tasker and is always busy in the kitchen! In the morning, he fires up the grill and oven and preps the chicken and steak for cooking. While his parmesan crisps, bacon, and tofu are in the oven, he starts grilling the chicken and steak, preps the tuna, and brings the broths to the serving line. Then, he repeats these processes until the end of lunch. Soon after that, he makes sure everything in the kitchen is clean and ready for dinner.

His favorite thing about working at CoreLife Eatery is the fun energy between the employees. “Being able to joke around with co-workers makes it feel fun,” he noted. “The work days go by quicker and you actually enjoy coming into work.”

Cameron, 17, is an only child and lives with his parents and two dogs, Thunder and Jersey. He enjoys playing the piano, working out, and running. Cameron’s favorite bowl is the Spicy Chicken and Ancient Grains with Carrot Chili Dressing!

Say hello to Cameron the next time you visit CoreLife Eatery in Columbus!