CoreLife Challenge: The Many Ways Fiber Affects Your Health

Change your lunch, change your life!

CoreLife Eatery is your answer for fiber. As you may know, fiber is a critical nutrient for health. It’s involved in slowing the rate of sugar absorption into the bloodstream, and also helps reduce weight gain, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It can also reduce the chance of heart disease and some forms of cancer. Colorectal cancer, the #2 cancer in America, can be drastically reduced by increasing your fiber intake. There appears to be 10-12% decrease of colon cancer with an increase in 10 grams of fiber in our daily diet.

Fiber is a prebiotic food, partly responsible for the removal of toxins, inflammation, and waste from the body. Fiber has also been found to improve focus and energy. Unfortunately, the average American consumes less than half of the recommended fiber in their daily diet. Women should reach about 25 grams of fiber daily, while men should consume 35 grams. An adequate intake of fiber is key for weight loss because it improves your gut health and makes you feel full.

Our bodies do not digest fiber. As it passes through the small intestine, it picks up waste to transport out of our body. Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Dark-colored vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, black beans, chickpeas, potatoes, almonds, and walnuts are all food options at CoreLife Eatery that will help give you the fiber your body needs.

Health benefits of adding fiber to your diet:

  • Lowers risk of diabetes and can help improve type 2 diabetes
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Key ingredient for weight loss
  • Improves overall gut health

Symptoms of lack of fiber in your diet:

  • Frequent hunger and cravings
  • Overeating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain IBS
  • Gas
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Fatigue

The average American diet – high in refined grains, sugar, salt, red meat and unhealthy fats – is a recipe for chronic illness and obesity. This is something America shouldn’t want to claim…

It is time to take control of your life through 21 days of a diet, high in fiber, low in sugar and refined grains. Increasing your fiber intake to 40 grams per day and reducing sugar to 25 grams per day will get your body feeling healthier. In fact, you’ll feel a difference just five days into the CoreLife Challenge.

You cannot argue with results – increase your average daily fiber to 40 grams per day while reducing your sugar intake to 25 grams per day and see how you feel. Give it five days and you will feel the difference. Give it 21 days and you may want to see your doctor so they can document your improvement.

At CoreLife Eatery, we encourage you: “Don’t be a spectator.” Get back in the game of life and wellness!