CoreLife Challenge: Gae Hill’s Results

By “trusting the process,” I’ve made major gains.

My blood pressure is normal, and I have lost weight. However, I am still 30 pounds overweight. There is more work to be done. I still needed to dig deeper into my health improvement.

I sought out a nutritionist for further consultation and self-discovery. Resultantly, I am in a 12-week Candida program. Just like the liver cleanse diet, the CoreLife Eatery menu contains all the recommended foods.

To CoreLife and Todd Mansfield: how can I thank you enough for what you have given me? 

My friends meet me at CoreLife Eatery often now.

I don’t have to get off my fitness plan in order to socialize. I feel I have a new lease on life. I’ve learned that supplements aren’t just simple “band-aid” fixes – they work with what you put in your body and your exercise habits.

I have the courage to look at my issues and face my health challenges because I am choosing to be a participant in my change. As Todd said in the beginning: “Change your lunch. Change your life!”