The ultra-popular Weight Watchers is becoming more of a lifestyle-changing program. Weight Watchers‘ new SmartPoints value system is a positive rewards system that provides reinforcement for eating nutrient dense food and avoiding processed empty calories. Plant-based fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins are well-rewarded while processed foods full of sugars and fats should be avoided.

CoreLife Eatery offers complete meal options loaded with SmartPoints from the first ingredient to the last. Take these, for instance:

  • Thai chicken and rice noodles – grain bowl
  • Kale caesar chicken – green bowl
  • Tomato and basil soup

Come in and get the superfoods you are looking for that are loaded with fiber that keeps you full and satisfied longer!

“I enjoy CoreLife Eatery because I count calories to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes you get to a point where you just want to go out to eat! CoreLife Eatery is a great place to go to mix and match fresh ingredients while being mindful of calorie intake. My husband and I have enjoyed everything we have had there!” – Laura