CoreLife Eatery provides many options for those following a paleo approach to eating. The paleo diet is based on the principle of eating in a fashion similar to the prehistoric man or caveman. The foundation of this diet is based on eating meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Paleo enthusiasts avoid dairy, grains, and processed food.

We have many options for those on the Paleo diet. Build your own bowl:

  • Starting with some of our fresh vegetables like pickled onions, scallions, and fresh jicama.
  • Add a protein like our salt & pepper chicken or steak.
  • Finish it with our balsamic vinaigrette dressing or one of our made-from-scratch broths!

Here’s what one of our paleo guests had to say about CoreLife Eatery:

“I have struggled with my weight my entire life and have learned that no matter how much I exercise it all comes down to diet and nutrition. I lost over 50 lbs and have recently begun crossfit. Crossfit trainers have told me I should look into eating a paleo diet. I am slowly learning paleo, eating out is extremely difficult. Panera was surprisingly not considered an ideal place to go. I have now been to both CoreLife Eatery locations, and have absolutely loved the meals that I’ve received thus far!” – Stephanie