For thousands of years, garlic has been used as a “medicine” around the world. Not only is this ingredient highly nutritious with very few calories, it is rich in Vitamins C and B and manganese.

Garlic has been found helpful in:

  • Boosting immune systems, decreasing the frequency and severity of colds and sicknesses
  • Reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, lessening the risk of heart disease
  • Lowering blood pressure in individuals with hypertension
  • Acting as a powerful antioxidant
  • Helping improve brain function in the elderly

Garlic, which packs only 42 calories per ounce with almost 2 grams of protein, is an easy addition to any meal.

Featured Meal: Tomato Basil Soup

The Tomato and Basil Soup features a vegetable broth base, tomatoes, fresh basil, cauliflower puree, garlic, olive oil and parmesan crisps. This dish is a healthy alternative compared to other soups, which contain preservatives and are high in sodium.