Edamame are young soybeans that are harvested while they are still soft and green. This ingredient, found in many Japanese restaurants, is gluten- and cholesterol-free, low-calorie, and high in calcium. It is also high in many vitamins and minerals including folate and Vitamin K1. Edamame is also high in protein. Just one cooked cup provides almost 19 grams of protein making this a great options for those that do not obtain protein from meat or fish. They are also considered a whole protein source meaning they provide all essential amino acids.

Edamame has been found helpful in:

  • Decreasing risk of diabetes
  • Reducing risk of heart disease
  • Lowering bad cholesterol levels
  • Maintaining healthy skin and repairing damaged skin
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Supporting healthy bones
  • Aiding digestion

Edamame can be prepared by boiling or steaming the beans. Try adding this ingredient to your next salad, vegetable saute, or blend it to make a dip!

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